Stand Up to Scrutiny with Cannabis Governance

As the cannabis industry experience explosive growth and the investor base morphs from retail to institutional, scrutiny becomes global and information transfer instant.  This will intensify the pressure on cannabis companies to have proper governance infrastructure in place.  

Institutional investors demand proper governance and at times take action to bring such demands to fruition.  By being transparent, independent, diverse, and responsive, Boards will be better equipped to ward off cynics and activist investors.  

The winners in the cannabis industry will be those with systems and processes in place that garner the support and confidence of both retail and institutional investors.

Shelley Albert, Director, AG Governance Consultants


Cannabis Governance = Emotional Intelligence for Cannabis Companies

Cannabis governance is emotional intelligence for the cannabis industry.  It facilitates a high level of awareness and responsiveness to a company’s internal and external audiences.

Cannabis governance employs the principles necessary for cannabis companies to be transparent and accountable. This leads to improved regulatory compliance and greater social responsibility engagement.  Given the strong correlation between corporate social responsibility and profitability, a company is much better positioned to financially outperform its competitors once cannabis governance is adopted. 

Shelley Albert, Director, AG Governance Consultants