We help you develop systems and processes that satisfy regulators and attract investors.

Focus on cannabis...

...leave the governance to us.

Our team ensure boards satisfy regulatory requirements and will assist you with your social responsibilities as a cannabis cultivator, producer, and retailer. We will direct the development of a good governance strategy that supports your brand through ups and downs in the cannabis industry. 

 Regardless the size of your organization, you are going to compete for finite resources in an environment where good governance is a business imperative. Cannabis governance builds trust and increases investors’ confidence in your organization’s leadership.  To assist with efforts in fostering governance excellence we will:

  • Help you build a strong governance framework that incorporates strategic objectives in the areas of risk management, corporate culture, diversity, independence, transparency, and accountability;  

  • Administer guidance when it comes to compliance with regulations related to cannabis sales, cultivation and production; importing and exporting; inventory and distribution; packaging and labelling; reporting and disclosure; research and development; records maintenance and retention; security and storage.