We evaluate your existing governance framework identifying gaps, then develop comprehensive strategies to fill those gaps and improve your Board’s effectiveness.


...begets TRUST.

Our team will determine whether your current governance system is structured in a way that allows the Board to be effective in its role as Chief Oversight and Governance Officer by: 

  • Reviewing the Board's policies and practices surrounding diversity, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness, to determine if they best position the Board to be effective within the present regulatory, economic, and cultural environments;

  • Assessing the Board's priorities, structure, composition, mandate, and other governance objectives to determine if they are best designed to support the Board's advisory and oversight roles;

  • Benchmarking your governance framework against your peers and accepted standards to determine relative positioning;

  • Running tests to determine the Board’s overall responsiveness and effectiveness;

  • Reviewing procedures in place to identify and manage conflicts of interests.