We Help Boards Build and Maintain Proper Governance Infrastructure

How can we help YOU?

We help you build an effective governance structure by providing the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for a diverse, transparent, and accountable Board. We conduct a comprehensive governance review and tailor strategies for improvement.  We handle everything from minor fixes to complete governance program overhauls and implementation.  We offer a full suite of corporate secretarial services including the coordination and execution of all Board and Committee meetings, Board communications, assistance with regulatory filings and shareholder meetings.  We conduct policy and program evaluations to ensure compliance with provincial and federal legislation.  

Why should you care about good corporate governance?

If you get corporate governance right, you enhance your reputation and brand thereby leading to greater business opportunities.  Companies that get it wrong face the risk of regulatory fines, suspensions, damaged reputations, and shareholders’ activism.

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, progressive companies are allocating more resources to their governance structure because good governance facilitates transparency, accountability, diversity, and ethical decision making. This builds trust and enhances investors’ confidence in the organization’s leadership.


...to help you enhance your reputation and brand.

Organizations are operating in an increasingly complex external environment where scrutiny is global and information transfer is instant.  Leaders of organizations can protect their people, assets, and reputation by being good corporate citizens.  This can be achieved through strong Boards, good governance practices, and transparent leadership with unquestionable accountability.

What you can expect from us:

  • A team of professionals focused on helping organizations meet their governance requirements and objectives;

  • Proven and cost-effective solutions to governance related issues;

  • High degree of confidentiality.

  • A team that is able to manage and coordinate all aspects of your board's operations;

  • Tact, diplomacy, and sound judgment when managing relationships;

  • Trusted and reliable service.