Trusted Board Support Services


AG Governance Consultants help small to medium size organizations improve their chances of corporate success by building strong and effective governance fundamentals.  We help you to successfully deliver on diversity, transparency, and accountability at the Board level by providing advice and assistance in the development of rules, practices, and processes by which your company is directed and controlled.  Our solutions are customized to fit your needs and your budget.



We deliver exceptional and trusted board services in the following areas:

Corporate Secretarial

  • Board and Committee meeting logistics

  • Board surveys, Board portal management and website oversight

  • Government and shareholder relations, assistance with regulatory filings, records and relationship management

Investor Relations

  • Assistance with AGM, AIF, information circulars and proxies

  • Press releases and corporate communications on behalf of the Board

  • Shareholders’ relationship management

Governance Review

  • Assessment and implementation of governance infrastructure

  • Benchmarking against peers, regulatory and other standards

  • Development of a comprehensive and customized strategy to improve Board effectiveness

Policy Review

  • Compliance program review

  • Existing and emerging problem analysis

  • Policy and program evaluations